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PFI Counters Anti-Muslim Hate With Police Complaints Against Media & Individuals, Files 1015 Complaints In 8 States

Popular Front of India (PFI) has filed police complaints against TV channels, print media and social media accounts engaged in communal hate-mongering against the Muslim community. The organization has filed a total of 1015 complaints in 8 states, identifying hate speeches made on mainstream media and by individuals on the internet.

The complaints are being backed by screenshots, newspaper clippings and video clips, which according to PFI’s press release has resulted in the arrest of 19 people so far.

Ever since the Markaz Nizamuddin incident, there has been a swathe of fake and malicious news published against Muslims, leading to attacks against the community across the country.

The mainstream media has repeatedly called the coronavirus as ‘Corona Jihad’, insinuating a Muslim-led conspiracy behind its spread. There has been a deliberate attempt made both by the media and right-wing hate mongers on social media to blame the spread of the pandemic on Muslims.

A sister of a prominent Bollywood actress even gave a genocidal call against the community, prompting people to file cases against her and the actor for supporting her.

Disturbed by this vicious campaign against the community, Muslims across the country have initiated legal action against online hate-mongering. In Gujarat alone, over 400 FIRs were filed against mainstream media and individuals on social media.

Complaints have also been raised against expatriate Indians living in the Middle East and spewing venom against the community, leading to a storm of tweets and condemnations from intellectuals and Royals in the Muslim countries expressing anger against the vilification of Muslim community.

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