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‘Callithon’ Calligraphy Competition Seeks To Revive Interest In Arabic Calligraphy In India

Arabic calligraphy is an essential part of Islamic civilization. The art form is an integral part of almost all aspects of Muslim cultural expression. However, despite its significance, over the years its popularity has faded among the masses. This Bengaluru-based art startup, however, wants to give Arabic calligraphy a revival in the country.

Spacewell Islamic Wall Art, which specializes in customised Islamic calligraphy wallpapers and signages is organising a one-day calligraphy competition called ‘Callithon‘ to promote the classical art of Arabic calligraphy and to acknowledge the artists. The event will be held online, keeping in mind the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The competition has three categories based on the experience of the artists and is open to people across age groups. Beginners are calligraphers who are self-taught, intermediate are those who are trained under a calligrapher or through an institute with 1-2 years of experience, and professionals are calligraphers who have mastered the art through the practice of more than two years. “Art has no age limit. That’s the reason why we decided to categorise artists based on their experience and not their age,” say Callithon founders, Ikram Ahmed Khan and Rabiya Kulsum.

The theme for the artwork will be provided to contestants on 16th September and the artwork will be judge by renowned Iranian calligrapher Mohammed Tarifi Khashti, who has authored and published a series of 20 volumes on Arabic Calligraphy and Rajasthan-based calligrapher Abdul Kayyum Silawat.

There is no fee for participating in Callithon. And the winners also stand to gain handsome prize money. After the competition, the artwork of the calligraphers will be exhibited as an online showcase, where buyers can purchase the work.

Registration for the competitions is now open until September 15.

For more information about the competition and how to enter visit

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