Supreme Court Dismisses PIL Seeking To Send Indian Muslims To Pakistan

Supreme Court of India
Supreme Court of India

As if jeering at Muslims as anti-nationals was not enough, earlier this month, somebody filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking to send Indian Muslims to Pakistan. The plea came up for hearing before a bench of Justices Rohinton Nariman and Vineet Saran and was promptly dismissed by the bench.

According to Bar and Bench, Justice Rohinton Nariman appeared visibly upset at the plea and asked the petitioner to read it aloud in the courtroom.

“What’s this? Do you really, really want to argue this case? Are you sure?” asked Justice Nariman adding that the court will hear the lawyer but will pass strictures against him. When the petitioner’s counsel declined to argue the plea, the top court dismissed the petition.

While the SC dismissed the absurd and objectionable case, which is what is expected of it. However, one cannot ignore the fact that the petition is the result of seeds of hatred being sown in the hearts of people of this country against Muslims, and other religious minorities.

According to Amnesty India, in 2018 alone, 218 cases of hate crimes were reported in India, of which  142 cases were against Dalits, 50 were against Muslims, and 8 each against Christians, Adivasis, and transgenders. Of this, there were 97 incidents of assault and 87 cases of killings.

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