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Meerut College Suspends Muslim Girl Harassed For Not Wearing BJP Cap

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Umam Khanam, a student of Dewan Law College in Meerut who was allegedly sexually harassed by her inebriated classmates for declining to wear a BJP cap during a college trip to Agra last week has been suspended by college administration. The college authorities said they acted against her because she failed to appear before the internal grievance cell to record her statement.

The alleged harassment took place on April 2 when Khanam and her classmates were on a trip to Agra. Khanam, who took to Twitter to share her ordeal, wrote that, “Yesterday (April 2), I went for a college trip to Agra …I was the only single Muslim student out of the 55 student. We 4 four faculty members, , out of which 2 were male members …the students got drunk that they started doing shitty things and they made me their target (sic).”

“They bought some stuff like caps of BJP etc etc and they were forcing me to wear that when I refused them they started misbehaving with me…they tried to touch me in an indecent manner and all that was happening in a bus with two male teachers who were ignoring all such stuff they were doing to me (sic),” she mentioned in her next tweet.


According to media reports, the college initially suspended the students against whom the complaint was made. However, after threats from members of Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the college revoked the expulsion of the two students, and suspended Umam, instead.

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The college principal was quoted as saying by news website Sabrang that Umam had been suspended because she refused to come to the college to record her statement. The principal SM Sharma, also said that the college has been under constant pressure since the two boys were rusticated.

However, Umam said that she feared for her safety and had not gone to the college since the incident.

In fact, immediately after she shared her ordeal online, a systematic and malicious campaign was launched against her to discredit her claims and question her charatcter.

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According to Sabrang, friends of the accused boys even made a video of Khanam dancing on the bus in an attempt to show that she willingly participated in the fun on the trip. But Khanam says, “The video was shot before the boys harassed me. I was enjoying with my friends. Besides, this video doesn’t prove me wrong!”

In her police complaint, Umam said that other students have been conspiring against her to get her thrown out of the college and withdraw her complaint.

Umam said that the suspension is an attempt to intimidate her into taking back her complaint. “Everyone is against me, the students, the teachers and the entire administration. There are people from right wing groups demonstrating against me. How can I go to college? They are using this as an excuse to take action against me. But I will not back down,” Sabrang quoted her as saying.

Shaik Zakeer Hussain is the Founder and Editor of The Cognate.

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