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KM Shareef, Popular Front Of India’s Former Chairman Passes Away

KM Shareef, the former Chairman of Popular Front of India (PFI) passed away Tuesday due to complications from COVID-19 in a hospital in Mangalore, where he was being treated for over a week.

Shareef, who was currently serving as the National Treasurer of PFI was elected Chairman of the organisation twice in the past.

KM Shareef was born in 1964 in Mangalore in Karnataka. He completed his high school from Deepika School Bandwal and obtained a bachelors degree in Chemistry from Mangalore Government College. After high school, Shareef completed a four-year diploma in Islamic Studies from a Madrasa. Before joining PFI as a full-time working functionary, he had worked as a sales executive in Dubai for five years and ran a stationery shop in Mangalore.

Shareef was the founder president of Karnataka Forum for Dignity (KFD) and held the positions of Vice Chairman and General Secretary of Popular Front of India. He had translated the books “Sahabi Charithre” and “Sathyavishwasikale Dinachari” from Malayalam to Kannada and authored the book “Anti-Dowry” in Kannada.

Announcing the news of his passing away, Anis Ahmed, General Secretary of PFI said that, “his demise is a great loss to the community and the organization. May Allah (SWT) grant him magrifah and reward him with the highest honours in the hereafter.”

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