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India To Host Its First-Ever International Halal Expo In 2020, To Provide Platform For World’s Halal Industries

India is gearing up to host its first-ever India International Halal Expo (IIHE) in HITEX Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad.

Organised by ATOBA business networks private limited, the exhibition lasting three days, is all set to commence from January 18 to 20, providing a platform for investors and entrepreneurs for a B2B dealing.

As the name suggests, the sole objective to inaugurate IIHE, according to its corresponding webpage is to spread, “Halal Economy all over the world, and a connecting point for the world’s Halal industries.

Reports suggest that based on the enthusiasm shown by the audience, the expo is expected to attract more than 120 exhibitors and about 15,000 attendees.

Global pioneers in the halal industries, be it on behalf of the government, or corporates, will be participating in this three-day event- giving their valuable insights on the recently growing ‘Halal industry’.

For many, often the term halal is almost always referred to meat and food. But halal, according to the Islamic concept, is a regulation with day-to-day dealings. It can be in food, business, finance, cosmetics, hospitality and more.

Various international speakers are invited to give talks on topics as diverse as finance, business, food, cosmetics. The theme that all of these speakers follow, despite each being an expert in different fields is the importance of boosting the halal market and its merits.

According to the Pew research centre, “the global halal market is projected to have the biggest Muslim population by 2050”.

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And India has taken a huge leap towards that. India’s accrediting body, National Accreditation Board for Certification Bodies (NABCB) has signed membership with the International Halal Accreditation Forum (IHAF), the previous year.

IHAF is an independent, global network of accreditation bodies that aims to, “to construct a solid foundation for the global industry and to harmonize accreditation practices in halal filed globally.

Under this global accreditation body, India has received a membership card; which means India now has the voting rights amongst the body’s committee members and is now eligible to receive training/workshop on halal procedures from IHAF.

In a time where Muslims are heavily persecuted everywhere, initiating an international conference with a long term goal of integrating the nation’s halal economy with its contemporary industries to brush aside the differences and to unite leading countries on the basis of having a sustainable economy is considered a utopian move.

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