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In Pictures: Gurugram’s Deserted Historic Masajid

As lockdown measures eased, masajid alongside temples and churches across much of the country have reopened for worshippers. However, some of Gurugram’s historic masajid haven’t as they continue to be illegally occupied or are deserted as locals who reside in the area oppose prayers to be held by the Muslims in them.

This is the irony of Gurugram which is the same place where two years ago Muslims were stopped from offering their Friday prayers in open spaces. The Haryana Waqf board hit back with a list of 19 masajid in Gurugram District that are illegally encroached, which is in a way forcing the Muslims to pray in the open.

Many of such masajid in places not far from Gurugram District have already been demolished and the ones inside Gurugram may too share the same fate.

Qutab Khan Masjid

Built in the 16th century largely using granite and quartzite stones the very structure of the masjid serves as a glaring contrast to the nearby concrete high-rises that Gurugram is customarily associated with. Unlike the high rises which are in pristine condition, major cracks are visible on the walls of this masjid, which unless restored may crumble into distant memory right in front of our eyes.

Some locals even tried to convert the masjid into a temple but that endeavour was thwarted after the panchayat intervened.

Coordinates: 28°15’20.5″N 77°03’59.1″E

Image Credit: Center for Art and Architecture, American Institute of Indian Studies

Farrukhnagar Jama Masjid

When the town of Farrukhnagar was founded in the early part of the 18th century by Mughal Governor Faujdar Khan several momentous structures were built in this town that was named after Mughal Emperor Farrukhsiyar. The Jama Masjid of the city that dates back to that epoch is now being used as a temple and gurdwara. The structure still faces Makkah, one if its minarets from where the Adhan was once called exists and other features associated with masajid such as the mihrab (prayer niche) and domes can still be seen.

Coordinates: 28°26’52.6″N 76°49’16.0″E

Image Credit: Center for Art and Architecture, American Institute of Indian Studies

Badshahpur Masjid

The three-domed masjid of Badshahpur situated close to the Gurugram-Sohna road is being used as a godown. A family has illegally occupied the masjid that sits on a prime piece of land for decades. They are dismantling and amending parts of the historic structure that is under the purview of the Haryana Waqf Board at will.

Image Credit: DNA India

Bhondsi Masjid Complex

Gurugram is peppered with historical monuments including some that predate the Mughals. This over 500-year-old masjid complex is one such monument that predates them; it was built by the Khanzadas of Mewat who were of Muslim Rajput heritage. The complex is located in the small town of Bhondsi midway on the Gurugram-Sohna road.

The façade of the masjid is rich in fine inlay and stucco work and serves as one of the most conspicuous monuments of the Khanzadas of Mewat. Though the complex is located a stone’s throw away from the prestigious Laburnum school one has to make their way through dense foliage to reach the derelict stone masjid that somehow survives despite the utter neglect by the local authorities.

Coordinates: 28°20’50.4″N 77°03’57.4″E

Image Credit: Center for Art and Architecture, American Institute of Indian Studies

The author, Rayhan Mirza is a travel writer and an independent journalist. His Instagram handle is Mosques Of India.

Glossary: Masajid: Masajid is the plural of Masjid (Mosque).

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Written By

Rayhan Mirza is a travel writer and an independent journalist.

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