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Young Activist Wali Rahmani’s Umeed Initiative For Destitute & Orphan Children Reaches New Milestone

Umeed – an organisation that works towards the holistic development and empowerment of destitute, poor children and helpless orphans, has successfully acquired 100 Kathas of land upon which they intend to lay the foundations of an academy that will comprise of a school, a hostel, a playground and all necessary components of a residential academy.

Umeed’s founder, social activist Wali Rehmani took to Facebook, saying “Initially what was merely a vision to us and a frivolous notion for others after relentless toiling and commitment transpired into two apartments that impart quality education and holistic nourishment of both body and mind to 60 destitute, orphan and helpless children.”

He added that it is after “two years of rigorous and selfless hard work” that they have been able to reach this milestone.

Umeed’s vision is to convert lesser-privileged children, currently perceived as liabilities to the society into assets of the society. It aims at achieving all these by means of quality education accompanied by a sincere and proficient faculty and top-notch infrastructure.

Umeed’s vision also pans the reaches of a fusion of worldly education and Islamic doctrines to inculcate an idea of civility and spirituality at the same time.

Wali Rahmani and his team set up Umeed on 1st of April 2018 with 3 orphan boys. It now shelters more than 60 orphans and destitute children. The children come from extremely impoverished and volatile backgrounds, where they are deprived of basic amenities and are thrown into the vicious clutches of society.

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Rushda Fathima Khan is the Staff Reporter for The Cognate.

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