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Fact Vs. Fake

Old Video From Pakistan Falsely Shared As Tablighi Jamaat Member Running Naked In Quarantine Centre

A disturbing video of a naked man, with blood smeared over him, is being circulated widely on social media with a claim that the man is a Tablighi Jamaat member and he is roaming naked and creating ruckus in the isolation ward.

The short clip, obscene and grisly in nature shows a naked man banging his head and breaking glass doors and running around the indoors of a large hall is being shared by several users attributing it to Tablighi Jamaat.

One Twitter user who goes by the name Kiran Jain shared the video with the following message in Hindi: “यूपी के आइसोलेशन में #तबलीगीजमाती..और किसी को कोई सबूत चाहिए?? #कोरोनाजिहाद ।। (sic)”. (Tablighi Jamaat member in UP’s isolation centre. Does anyone needs any more proof?) She even used the hashtag “Corona Jihad”.

By the time of publishing this report, the video had more than 60 thousand views, and more than 2000 people had retweeted it.

Fact Vs. Fake

We took a close look at the video. We saw that the place inside which the video was shot clearly looked like a mosque, because of the carpets on the floor, and the minbar (pulpit used by the Imam in the mosque). The language spoken by people in the video is Urdu, with an accent not native to India. So, we figured out that the video most probably originated in Pakistan.

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So, we searched for the video on YouTube with the keywords, “naked man in mosque”.

We found the same video uploaded by two different users in the first two results itself. One was uploaded on Oct 29, 2019 and the other upload was done on Aug 26, 2019, that is almost seven months ago.

The uploader in the first video shares information that the incident took place in Khalid Bin Waleed mosque in Gulshan-e-Hadeed in Karachi, Pakistan. The uploader also says that the naked man in the video was mentally challenged.

With this information, we can conclude that the claim being made on social media about the video is fake, and has nothing to do with Tablighi Jamaat.

This video and the claims being made is part of the larger conspiracy to defame and demonise Muslims, ever since Delhi’s Markaz Nizamuddin emerged as a coronavirus hotbed after numerous people who attended a Tablighi Jamaat meet in mid-March tested positive for the viral infection.

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