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Harbhajan Singh Gets Slammed For His Islamophobic Tweet On Chandrayaan-2 Launch

Former cricketer Harbhajan Singh got slammed on Twitter after he put out a tweet putting down Muslim countries while congratulating India on the successful launch of Chandrayaan-2.

Singh, who is notorious for racially vilifying people, said in his tweet that while some countries have the moon on their flags, other countries have their flags on the moon. His tweet carried the flags of some Muslim countries that have the crescent moon on its flag, which many found disparaging and bigoted.

Activist and CPI(ML) member Kavita Krishnan wrote a strong retort and pointed out to Singh that the Nepal flag also has the crescent moon on it. “May I disturb this bigoted story of yours with some reality? This is the Nepal flag, also with the crescent moon on it. Literally ‘flagging’ all ‘Muslim’ countries, is the essence of Islamophobic baiting & profiling,” Krishnan wrote.

Disturbingly, the tweet he put out is a propagandistic WhatsApp forward message that has been doing the rounds since a long time, as one Twitter user pointed out.

Another Twitter user also put up flags of Nepal and Singapore to educate Singh the same point.

Several other users also found the tweet to be distasteful and called out Singh for his ignorance and bigotry.

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Shaik Zakeer Hussain is the Founder and Editor of The Cognate.

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