Muhammad Asif, A Young Islamic Speaker From Karnataka Passes Away


Muhammad Asif, a young and dynamic Islamic speaker and propagator from Bellary, Karnataka, passed away Thursday night March 14. He was in his mid-twenties.

Asif had complained of a severe headache last week and was under medication since then. However, last night he passed away, much to the shock of his loved ones.

Asif was the founder member of Bellary-based Islamic Dawah and Guidance Society (IDGS), an Islamic educational and propagation centre. He was also the principal of Al Huda Islamic School in Bellary.

Dr. Hafeez Ali, his friend, and fellow Islamic speaker said that Asif had taken up the task of Islamic propagation from a young age, and was well known among the Islamic circles of Karnataka for his dedication to the Islamic cause and for his simplicity. He said his marriage was due to take place in June. “His passing away will leave a huge void in the Islamic circles of Karnataka,” he said.

Asif is survived by his parents, two brothers and two sisters.

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