Dead Pig Dumped Outside a Mosque in Haryana, Locals Allege Planned Conspiracy to Disturb Communal Harmony

Palwal: In a clear attempt to spark communal disharmony and unrest, a dead pig was dumped inside a mosque compound in Haryana’s Palwal city, sparking outrage among the local Muslim community.

The incident occurred on Sunday March 24, in Palwal’s Eidgah Masjid in Sector 2, Housing Board Colony.

According to Younus Ahmed of Haryana’s Muslim Welfare Society, a group of miscreants were seen dumping the carcass of the dead animal at the middle of the night, by the Mosque’s Imam, Moulana Abdul Rahman, who immediately raised an alarm.

Moulana Rahman, who acted with restraint, then filed a complaint with the police.

The accused have been identified as Pintu, Aditya, Sonu and Gulshan, and all four have been arrested.

Conflicting Versions

According to the police, the accused Pintu got into a fight with one Isa on the 23rd of March. He then gathered his friends Aditya, Sonu and Gulshan, who in a state of inebriation dumped the dead pig at the mosque, to take revenge.

However, the Mosque’s Imam and the local community members, counter the police claims.

Moulana Rahman and community members, who claim to know the accused, allege that they are members of Bajrang Dal, and the incident was a planned conspiracy to spark violence in Palwal.

They also accuse the police of attempting to douse off the incident as a personal revenge case, instead of investigating the apparent communal agenda behind it.

Former Haryana Minister, Aftab Ahmed, who spoke to The Cognate said that “the incident was hatched with a sole purpose of inciting communal violence and riots.”

In a letter written to the National Commission for Minorities, Aftab Ahmed has complained that although the accused were caught by the police, yet no strict actions were taken against them. He has written that incidents such as these have become frequent in the region and that there is an atmosphere of insecurity among the Muslim community.

He has urged the Commission to take cognizance of the complaint, and has asked for “timely intervention”.

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